class jiminy_py.state.State(t, q, v=None, a=None, tau=None, contact_frames=None, f_ext=None, copy=False, **kwargs)[source]

Bases: object

Store the kinematics and dynamics data of the robot at a given time.

  • t (float) – Time.

  • q (numpy.ndarray) – Configuration vector.

  • v (Optional[numpy.ndarray]) – Velocity vector.

  • a (Optional[numpy.ndarray]) – Acceleration vector.

  • tau (Optional[numpy.ndarray]) – Joint efforts.

  • contact_frames (Optional[Sequence[str]]) – Name of the contact frames.

  • f_ext (Optional[Sequence[numpy.ndarray]]) – Joint external forces.

  • copy (bool) – Force to copy the arguments.